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'And I shall never more, ever, dance with my father again.' Of Christina Taylor Green, born 9/11/2001, murdered January 8, 2011.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Author's note: This is an article of pain, remembrance, great grief, lost expectations, and, always, of a vibrant 9 year-old girl named Christina Taylor Green, randomly murdered in Tucson, Arizona.

This article cries out for a musical note, to set its mood and put you in the proper place to consider this little girl, her abbreviated life, and violent end.

For this note, I have selected the balcony scene of Sergei Prokofiev's gripping ballet "Romeo and Juliet." You will find it by searching any major search engine. If possible, watch Rudolph Nureyev as Romeo and Dame Margot Fonteyn as Juliet. As you watch this ballet and listen to the music which inevitably captures your soul, please remember that neither Romeo nor Juliet knew their fate during this scene... we know the tragedy they will face... but they are teen-agers enraptured with each other, not knowing or even thinking of their fate, only of each other. And right up until her end, Christina had no inkling of what was to come. Only we know...

And so, enveloped by Prokofiev, the curtain opens upon a young girl, full to bursting with energy, imagination, and the shear joy of life, each day an adventure, to be lived and savored. She was, in so many ways, a typical American girl... but in her high energy, grit, and determination this was a very special little girl, indeed.

Born September 11, 2001

It started for Christina upon a day of tragic endings for so many... September 11, 2001. Far from shrinking from this date, Christina embraced it. She was proud to be an American girl and made it a point, once she understood the tragedy and the importance of the date, to see her birth upon such a day as one sign of renewal, something joyful on a day without joy. She was, as young girls can be, an insistent optimist, remembering the grief of the day... determined to leaven it with whatever joy she could bring... and that was always considerable.

She loved to dance.

She danced, with gusto and joy, for she was always a child of exuberance with an inclination to color, vibrancy, and the thrill of dressing up in mommy's old clothes. People enjoyed looking at her, and applauding; she enjoyed being looked at, and the applause.

One day, egging each other on, Christina and her mother, Roxanna Green, 45, dressed "to the nines" and displayed their high animal spirits by dancing throughout the house. She could always laugh, but always enjoyed more her natural skill at making others laugh, feel good, delighting to be in her company. There they always felt they had a friend... and so they did for the girl was nothing if not amiable. She liked people... and they liked her.

Another day, musing upon her eventual wedding, as little girls will, she told her mother how much she would enjoy the first dance she would take that day, with her father, congenial John Green, scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers. She could imagine, she could visualize, and she was planning, especially the last time her father would dance with her solely as his daughter, not the lucky groom's adored wife.

She was a leader with the common touch, the gift of empathy, the joy that comes of getting to know people... and understanding them.

Christina seemed to have been born with the great gifts of leadership. She could set a goal... and work hard to reach it. Her coach on the Pirates Little League Team remembers how she kept after him for a week until she successfully negotiated the terms of a race in the outfield between the players and the coach. Kids run forward, coach runs backwards, winner gets ice cream.

The kids, lead by, exhorted by Christina, were hugely victorious. It was just the kind of thing she liked.

Last hours of Christina's brief life.

It was because of her leadership skills that she was with her mother's friend Susan Hileman at U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords' latest "Congress on your corner" meet-and-greet event, at a local supermarket.

Christina, with her gift of the gab, high energy, and, always, the ability to look people in the eye and impress them with her sincerity, honesty, and the deep integrity she made her own, looked to a career in communications, maybe even politics.

After all, Christina was already a popular member of the Student Council at her elementary school; had learned the value and necessity for charities and was a willing worker. Somehow this attractive slender girl with the brownish-blond hair, brown eyes, and a gentle smile also found time to sing in the choir of St. Odila Roman Catholic Church. She was liked there, too.

Her mother agreed with her friend that Christina should go to this event; there was every possibility Congresswomen Giffords would speak to her, inspiring Christina with her own belief in the importance of government and the never-ending need for people with a broader view and the energy to persevere. Christina was just the kind of student Gabrielle Giffords wanted to meet, which made this event just that much more exciting. It would be great fun, and useful, too.

Jared Lee Loughner was also on his way to the meet-and-greet. He had a different purpose... But this is Christina's story... and it must be fully told.

We can imagine the last moments of Christina's short life: how excited she was to meet the Congresswoman. How kind she was, how interested, eyes locked on Christina as they talked. It was all it should have been... until the gunman and assassin, burdened down by ammunition and a lifetime of inconsequence and hatred, spewed 31 rounds, killing 6, wounding 12. Among the dead, there on that blood-stained floor of infamy lay Christina, no longer a young girl of promise... but a sacrifice to the national romance with guns and the national failure to regulate with earnestness and care.

All Tucson, all Arizona, all America grieved... too late.

Americans did on this occasion what we always do: we poured out our raw emotions, engaging the nation, including the President himself. The questions were the same as always -- why? how could it happen? Every word we had heard before... and would hear often again. They are a part of the American Way of Tragic Death.

Meanwhile, the little body, so slight, so easily borne was readied for her journey into eternity, a needless victim occasioned by well-meaning adults who had so egregiously failed her.

And so on January 13, 2011 Christina Green, she of the bright eyes and high aspirations, found the peace of God... but left the rest of us dazed, disheartened, and dithering about What To Do. Surely by now we know.

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online. Go to Dr. Lant is also a syndicated author and has 18 best-selling business books. For more articles go to

Of me I sing. 4 things you really wanted to know about the Baby Boomers.... but were too polite to ask!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Peggy Lee sang an insinuating song in Disney's "Lady and the tramp" that pretty much summarizes how we Baby Boomers feel about ourselves -- and those who are not ourselves. (Released in June, 1955, the film was one of the first that cashed in on my always media driven generation.)

"We are Siamese if you please. We are Siamese if you don't please."

Face it, we (and I must include myself, riding hard towards 65) are the Most Important Generation in the History of the World. Of this there is not nor will there ever be a whiff of disagreement, capiche?

Today, as we massively approach 65 (at the rate of 8000 per day), one truth about the Baby Boomers remains consistent: everything we touch is transformed forever and stamped with our irresistible brand.

That's why you must know about us... and why we don't need to know nearly as much about -- you! Let us begin...

Baby Boomers are smarter than you are.

We are the first generation that transformed collegiate instruction from the preserve of the well-to-do and privileged into a de rigueur Rite of Passage, mandatory for anyone with pretensions to professional standing and deference. As a result, higher education is now ineffably part of the American Experience, something that we mortar boarded Boomers have now bequeathed to future generations.

They should be grateful.

Without us , they would have found it more difficult to party hardy at Alma Mater, at inexhaustible 18. You owe us.... and we shall surely collect from you... as we draw our senior serenity from your Social Security fund.


We are not organization people.

If the prototype of our parents' famously regimented generation was "The man in the gray flannel suit" by Sloan Wilson (published 1955), we want it to be clear: we own no flannel, gray or otherwise... and wouldn't be caught dead wearing this mantel of corporate thraldom.

Jimmy Buffet and margarita soaked parrot heads are more our style; we have set the pace for casual apparel, worldwide travel and insipid ditties like Buffet's, the anthem of a generation that wishes to get wasted more often with better company.

Let me be very, very clear: we hate regimentation. We don't take orders well. We cannot abide and will not do the mundane, prosaic tasks that keep organizations ticking along. Whereas my mother worked hard (for free) doing things like writing and printing (with a hard-to- jiggle gelatin press) "The Percolator" newsletter for Puffer School, Downers Grove, Illinois, my generation has No Time for such lowly (much needed) tasks. We have Better Things To Do.

As a result, organizations of every kind, in these Boomer dominated times, are hard hit by a degree of indifference, apathy, disdain that would have horrified community-spirited mum and her "he's a good provider" hubby, your dad.

We do have better sex, and oftener.

Okay, you're wondering, whether ye be of pre- or post-Boomer vintage, you're wondering, I say, whether all the scuttlebutt and (sometimes) scurrilous tales of lubricity and pagan Woodstock love-in-the-mud stories could possibly be true.

They are.

And even more so.

We discovered, early on, that we liked our bodies tremendously... and that others, gay and straight, liked them, too. It was all "if it feels good, do it." And it still is. The fact that our parents Strongly Disapproved of such glorious, indiscriminate minglings made it inevitable that we should have and enjoy them the more.

After all, for the first time in human history, we, the bona fide possessors, owned our bodies, not the state, the church, or even our "forsaking all others" spouse. "Till death do us part," indeed; quaint, antediluvian idea that.

Divorces skyrocketed, so did couples counseling... but sex gave us something other than Scrabble to pass away a few hours, as pleasantly (and freely) as possible. We took to it with avidity, enthusiasm, and (too often) boredom and bruised feelings. Perfection, in anything, is difficult to find... but we keep the search going.

So there.

We aim to live forever, and remain forever young.

Now to the crux of the matter, the focus of fervid Boomer interest and actions. Since we as a generation either already own or will own shortly own (at the demise of our careful Great Depression touched parents), every single thing on earth worth having... we are now engaged in the hot pursuit of eternal youth, being the first generation to secure forever for itself.

Oh, yes, make no mistake about it. Having gathered the lot, we want to keep it "forever and ever, hallelujah."

This means obsessive focus on the foods we ingest (and avoid), the pounds we put on(or take off), gym bodies and sweat inducing exercises. It's all part of our massive assault on Eternity; for let's be clear: whatever we have wanted, we have secured. With only this, the biggest, the Big Prize to go.

We regard eternity not as a miracle, but as a problem, greater perhaps than any other problem we have assayed and solved... but still nothing that we can't handle in the hard-headed, inexorable fashion we have made our own and which has affronted, aggravated, and threatened other, lesser folk. We care nothing for that. After all the stakes are enormous this time. So far, we have challenged and rebuilt ideas, cultures, even an entire civilization, now we want more, the whole enchilada.

Now, indeed, is our past our prologue, for we are determined not to go gentle into that good night. (Dylan Thomas, 1951) Absolutely not.

We know what we want.

We are at work on its achievement.

And in due course, if not sooner, we shall seize Eternity and savour it. This is our destiny., and yours. Truly it's better than any science fiction book ever written.

In all previous generations, for every person in them, eternity was unimaginable, stuff for philosophers and theologians. Now, each us of us, in the most pivotal of generations, can not merely dream, but (soon?) own this, too. After all, millions of us are now at work on thousands of pathways to eternity. One of us Boomers will find the way, you betcha. With consequences to fall out later... when we, massively, have gone on to Something Else.

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online. Dr. Lant is also a syndicated writer and the author of 18 best-selling business books. Details at and

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George Kosch
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George Kosch, Home Business Bootcamp Instructor Reveals TOP 5 Reasons People Fail to Graduate from Bootcamp

George Kosch's Top 5 Reasons People Fail to Graduate from Worldprofit's Home Business Bootcamp Training.

1st Reason for Failure: Not using Support to get help. Need help? Login to your member area, left menu submit a Support ticket clearly identifying the issue. Our Support team is available every single day to help and direct you as needed. Sponsors: please remind your new Members where to go to get support so they get off to the best possible start.

2nd reason for Failure
: Not watching the Bootcamp Training Videos - and I mean REALLY watching the Bootcamp Training Videos. We do these videos and weekly training because we know learning new skills can be tough. Practice and repetition is the key to mastering a new skill. We know not everyone can attend the live training so we record sessions. The videos are for the purpose of getting new members on track with the tasks that matter. Without watching the training, new Members are sabotaging their own success. It's mind boggling but some people quit our program stating that it didn't work for them - we review their account and find they NEVER even started the training!

3rd Reason for Failure: Not getting started and doing the work! Yes I know it sounds ridiculous but some people watch the video then do nothing. You must apply what you learn in the training videos, the online bootcamp steps guide you on how to do this.
Since when does no effort mean instant sales? The equation goes like this, ACTION = RESULTS! We humans are the best excuse makers in the world. We've got every excuse in the world why NOT to start and why something didn't work. Put that energy into action and DO the work. For the last 16 years we have researched the Bootcamp Training to train only what has been tried and tested. All of this training has been created with sleeves rolled up, applying and evaluating what is taught so Bootcamp Participants can learn and apply what works and not waste time and money.

4th Reason for Failure. Not being consistent. Time after time, we see people come in so eager! They work hard for a few days, maybe a week or so, follow the training, do a little promotion. Then WHAMO - 2 weeks later they have disappeared! Here is a reality check message. Success doesn't happen instantly in ANYTHING! Apply the training daily with vision to build your business for the long term. You don't brush your teeth every 3 or 5 days, you brush them every day. Use this principle for guiding your marketing efforts. Don't market? Guess what no results. Don't brush your teeth on a regular basis guess what ? You get TOOTH DECAY. Don't let your business rot because you don't consistently BRUSH your business!

5th Reason for Failure. Not marketing the Landing Pages. We see people promoting their home pages. Those who follow the bootcamp training know that this is incorrect. When you are first getting started you must promote the Landing Pages to generate Associate sign ups not your home page! Associates = Sales! The more Associates you have the greater your conversions to sales. Dr. Lant and the Monitors cannot try to convert your Associates into sales with our offers if you don't have any Associates! The Bootcamp teaches you how to sign up as Associates. The tools and training in your Member area teach you how to sign up Associates. EVERY single task in Bootcamp 1 is devoted to helping you sign up Associates. If you want to graduate from Bootcamp you need to recruit Associates. Not everyone will buy, that is a fact of life. The more Associates you have the more prospective buyers you have!

The bottom line is this. If you want to graduate from Home Business Bootcamp you must focus on graduating. Here's how to do that.

Follow the Bootcamp tasks outlined in your Member area, don't jump ahead, avoid getting distracted by all the things that will not lead to sales and long term success in our program. There are no shortcuts to success!

Remember! We have the unique perspective of seeing countless numbers of people come into this program. Some succeed some don't. We see what steps successful people follow and the habits they employ. We also see the people who despite our best efforts to training, direct and support don't or WON'T follow the training and they FAIL. We want you to graduate from the bootcamp so you understand the building steps necessary to grow a successful term online business. Take responsibility for your own success and use the tools, training and support services available to you.

In the summer of 2010, celebrated it's 16th Birthday. That's sixteen years of helping people around the world learn to earn from home. It's the reason Worldprofit has become known over the years as the Home Business Experts. We practice what we teach with LIVE weekly training, 24 hour Online Video Training Tools, software, business builders, traffic strategies, lead generators and more.

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Is it a SCAM? Here is what you need to know.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Hundreds of thousands of folks worldwide have been bilked by Internet scams to the tune of millions of dollars.

Now hear this: not one of these people had to lose a single penny. EVERY scam under the sun can easily be identified.... and hence avoided. Here are the signs of clear and present danger:

1) Scams prosper by telling people they can get rich without work.

Here's a dead give away! Real businesses can and should make their offers as good as possible, always maximizing advantages while minimizing what you must do to achieve results. But scams cross the line, touting success without effort. Here's where the old saying comes in, "If it seems too good to be true... it isn't!" Your mother told you this, and your mother was right.

2) Scams never feature how long they've been in business. Why? Because they aim to arrive, defraud the maximum amount as quickly as possible... then pick up silently and leave.

Real businesses are proud of the number of years they've been helping people. You'll find this information prominently displayed. They want you to know they've been here... and plan to remain here. Scams don't.

3) Scams are not accredited by The Better Business Bureau or other professional associations.

Real businesses understand that people may have hesitations or doubts about doing business with a new, untested company. They, therefore, make it a point to earn professional designations which give their new customers peace of mind.

The Better Business Bureau, for instance, the world's best known consumer protection and consumer advocacy organization, has a business accreditation program. After such extensive "due diligence", you can bet the business will proudly display their seal of accreditation. Scams don't, because scams can't.

4) Scams do not incorporate where they are subject to legal regulations and scrutiny.

Ask a scamster just where his business is incorporated and who regulates it. Answer will come there none.

Legitimate businesses are willing to submit to government oversight and review. While every business person under the sun bemoans the extra work this entails and the inevitable "red tape," in fact they welcome government oversight and review since it tells the public they are real and reputable. Scams are neither, so they don't bother to incorporate.

5) Scams don't sell real products. In actual fact, what they sell is greed.

Talk to any business person in the land about their products and services and they'll happily burble on for hour after factual hour. Not so scamsters.

A scam has no product or service. It doesn't sell anything worth having; it's all about tapping into and controlling you through your own potent avarice.

Real businesses are ecstatic to talk about what they can do for you, the beneficial details. Scams don't dare tell you what they're all about, so they tap deep into your own greed and use that to blind you to what they really do!

6) Scams don't provide real name, real address, real phone numbers, etc.

Real businesses, legitimate businesses are here today, here tomorrow. They live or die by treating old customers well so they return... and motivating new customers to come and visit. This means providing these customers with necessary contact information.

Scams are different. Go to their website. Can you easily get address, phone, etc? No. In fact it's just about impossible to get any genuine contact details. Remember, scams don't want you to know who they are, where they are located, how to contact them. Quite the contrary.

7) Scams don't tell you the names of the principals and their credentials

Remember, scams profit by dazzling you with riches without work. Such mundane details as the names and credentials of the principals -- always trumpeted in real businesses -- are never provided.

Scamsters, remember, count on you being so excited about your imminent prosperity that you won't notice you have no information about the people at this enterprise who are responsible for providing its benefits.

Last Words

There have been scams as long as there have been humans. The Internet, however, has empowered scamsters as never before. Luckily for you, every scam in the world can be easily detected. You simply must control the avarice that makes scams so attractive... and apply the common sense admonitions found here.

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., at where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online. Attend Dr. Lant's live webcast TODAY and receive 50,000 free guaranteed visitors to the website of your choice. Dr. Lant is also the author of 18 books, a consultant and internationally known marketing expert.

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How To AVOID Wasting Advertising Dollars: Critical Information you need to know to save money, time and frustration

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Ensuring you get the BEST paid or credit based Advertising

Many people new to online marketing are using various advertising sources that do not produce good quality leads. It is completely your choice where you promote but we want to make sure you understand that not all advertising is equal. Read this important tip to save yourself wasted dollars on advertising, save time and avoid frustration.

Here is a basic summary of what you need to know about online advertising.

1) Be aware of the difference between VIEWS and HITS. Hits usually refer to someone, a person actually CLICKING on your ad. Some sites promise to deliver hits, when really they are providing only views of your ad. This means no one actually clicks on the ad, your ad just appears somewhere lost on a page.
2) Some sites use a computer-generated script that has a computer CLICK on ads meaning you think you are getting hits, but no human has actually seen your ad.
3) Some sites pay people a very small amount of money to complete forms. These people have no interest in purchasing and are usually not good leads.
4) Some sites deliver leads to you but the leads are names of people from countries that do not have the ability to make secure verified purchases. An example of such a country is Nigeria.

Below is a list of countries which DO provide their citizens with secure online order processing. Leads from these countries are acceptable.

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea
United Kingdom

Below are our Suggestions so you get the BEST VALUE from your Advertising and Promotion Efforts.

1. The Safelists and Exchanges listed in your Worldprofit Member area under Advertising/Traffic are ones that we recommend for both paid advertising or credit-based free advertising. The list we provide is a GOOD place for paid ads.

2. When you get notification of an Associate sign up pay close attention to the COUNTRY that the lead is generated. If the lead is not on the list of countries above, be skeptical of the quality of lead.

3. If you get an Associate sign up that has bogus letters entered or a fictional name, then just disregard the lead. It is a person or computer wasting your time.

4. Use your Worldprofit Ad Tracker tool that we provide FREE for your use in your member area. If you purchase advertising somewhere and you get ZERO hits tracked on your Ad Tracker then you KNOW that advertising source is NOT a good one.

5. If you want to check with our Worldprofit Support Team BEFORE you buy paid advertising from a source we don't have on our recommended list, you can submit a Support form request. We will be happy to provide you with some advise.

6. Follow the steps of the online Worldprofit Bootcamp Training, and attend the Live Weekly Home Business Training Sessions with George Kosch.

The bottom line is this. One of the fastest way to DOOM your online business, is buying paid ads in places that don't produce good quality leads. You may think, "I am advertising and promoting but not getting results!" But know this: If your ad is not being seen by real people at a reputable advertising source you will be out of money and make none. Be wary and wise when purchasing online advertising. Save yourself from wasting your money and the frustration.

Sandi Hunter
Worldprofit: The online Home Business Experts since 1994

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Dr. Jeffrey Lant interviewed about engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton on NECN

Britain Royal Wedding


Today, Dr. Jeffrey Lant CEO of Worldprofit Inc., was interviewed by the New England Cable Network (NECN) about the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
Dr. Lant is a recognized expert on the British Royal Family and a Royal Historian.

It is now official with the announcement that Prince William (28) has become engaged to his longtime girlfriend Miss. Kate Middleton (28). The couple will marry in the Spring of 2011. The news came from the official residence this morning as it was confirmed that the couple has engaged since October while on holiday in Kenya.

The interview featuring Dr. Lant will be broadcast on Tuesday November 16th at 4:00 PM, 5:00 PM, 9:00 PM and 10:00 Eastern Standard Time and can be viewed online at

Throughout the week and in coming months, Dr. Lant will be interviewed about various aspects of the Royal family for broadcast on NECN.

Harvard graduate, Dr. Jeffrey Lant was the first American invited to work in the Royal Archives, Windsor Castle. From this emerged the first of his 18 books, "Insubstantial Pageant: Ceremony and Confusion at Queen Victoria's Court. Dr. Lant is CEO and Co-Founder of Worldprofit, Inc. at a web hosting and design company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. To see some of Dr. Lant's extensive royal collection, visit